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Different Well Water Iron Types


Iron is typically present in well water in three common forms. While there are other forms of iron in well water, they are typically much less common than the three listed below.



1.  Bacterial Iron in Well Water


Iron bacteria is usually identified by slime in places such as toilet reservoirs or by the presence of a slimy mass fouling softeners or filters.


2.  Ferric Iron in Well Water



Also known as red water iron, ferric iron in well water is essentially clear water iron that has been exposed to oxygen – usually from the air, thereby oxidizing.  Carbon dioxide leaves the water and the oxygen combines with the iron to form ferric ions (Fe+++).  This gives the water a red rust coloring.


3.  Ferrous Iron in Well Water



Often called clearwater iron because it is clear when poured, this substance is found in water that contains no oxygen. Typically, it comes from deeper wells and groundwater sources. Carbon dioxide acts on iron in the ground to form soluble ferrous bicarbonate. In water this forms ferrous ions (Fe++).

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