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1: Start the backwash on the filter to lift the bed so it will be easier to suck the dirt/iron off the bed and help prevent burping the filter. After 5 minutes of backwash, shut the water off to the system. (Use your bypass valve to do this.)


2: Check the pistons for leaking and slow movement/or binding of piston. If there is a problem, it should be replaced.


3: Replace the O-ring on the Blue White check valve (should flush the check valve with the ball out.) If the brass brine valve shutoff is not holding, replace it with another brass valve and 1/4" plastic ball valve & Blue White check valve. If the Blue White check valve is in poor condition, replace it.


4: Open the filter and suction down with a hose the dirty/rusty water & mineral. If dirty, rusty mineral can't be cleared, you may have to dump and repack the filter. Add back the xo marble to right level 15" from the top. Put the closure back on. (If it is the old black closure, replace it with new pvc closure.) Turn the water on to the filter and put unit into backwash for one minute. Then bump filter - bumping backwash for one minute then shut water off for 30 seconds then backwash for another minute. Stop, let bed settle. Do this about 3 or 4 times then let it backwash on its own. Bumping will prevent 95% of the filters from burping.


5: Make sure the timer motor is working. Should be replaced if it is not working correctly.


6: Reset timers on filter and softener. (Correct current time of day.)


7: When the water is shut off, clean all the venturis on filter and softener.


8: Check for leaks.


9: You should set the softener (if present) to backwash that night.


10: The water may be dirty for a short time and you may need to run the

cold water if it is dirty until it clears.

The softener may need an additional recharge..




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