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Ultra Violet Light Systems


When bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms are exposed to Ultraviolet light at a particular wavelength (253.7 nanometers) their reproductive capabilities are destroyed, which means that they are inactivated and no longer pose a threat to human health.


Completely Automatic

Compact and Easy to Install

No Chemicals Required

Low Operating Costs

Low Maintenance

No Taste or Odor

30 Day Replacement Lamp Notification

9,000 Hours Replacement Lamp Notification

Resetable Lamp Counter Clock

Audible and Lamp-Out Alarms

Surge Protection Standard

Optional Solenoid for Water Shut-Off

Upper and Lower Mounting Brackets

All Stainless Steel Construction

Electropolished All Wetted Parts

Rated Flow Control Standard

Inlet Flow Diverter Design Optimizes UV Exposure

Heavy Duty Quartz Sleeve


                                                                                  TRITON SPECIFICATIONS

Model #      Max. Flow   No. Lamps    KW            AMP            Pipe Size       Overall Dimensions    Shipping

                   GPM                              @ 120V     @ 120V                                    L x W x D               Weight


TRI-8            8                       1            0.03            0.25           3/4" MIP            21" x 3.5" x 3.5"        9 Lbs.


TRI-12         12                      1           0.03            0.25            3/4" MIP            32" x 3.5" x 3.5"       18 Lbs.


TRI-20         20                      1            0.03           0.25              1" MIP             35" x 5" x 5"             21 Lbs.


UV Lamp Advisor

LED Color             Sound               Status Indicated

Green                   None                  OK

Red                      None                   Replace Lamp Within 30 Days

Flashing Red       Beep / 3 min        Lamp Life Expired-Replace

Pulsing Red        Steady Beep         UV Lamp Out



UV Hazard: Aways protect eyes from ultraviolet light, NEVER look directly at UV lamps in operation. Unplug before re-lamping or servicing.WARNING!: Risk of electric shock. Can cause injury or death. Disconnect all electric power supplies before servicing.

triton uv

Triton Series

triton spec

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